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MST 5-day Orientation Training 2020

MST 5-day Orientation Training September 21. - 25. at NUBU, Oslo. This training will be held in English.

MST 5-day Orientation Training September 21 - 25. 2020

All new MST therapists, supervisors, and some other MST program staff receive five days of training to be introduced to the theory and techniques of the treatment model. The training includes didactic teaching, role-playing and other exercises designed to stimulate critical thinking about the treatment process. This orientation is designed to prepare MST teams to begin working with youth and their families.

The goals of the training are as follows:

  • to familiarize therapists with the theoretical, empirical, and clinical paradigms underlying the MST model and help them begin to incorporate those paradigms into their work

  • to familiarize therapists with the scope, correlates, and causes of serious behavior problems addressed by MST

  • to describe the theoretical and empirical basis for MST

  • to describe common family, peer, school, individual, and social support assessment and intervention strategies used in MST

  • to teach therapists to conceptualize cases and interventions in terms of the MST principles

  • to teach therapists to use the Do-Loop to conceptualize cases and design and implement interventions

  • to describe strategies MST teams use to build strong, collaborative relationships with stakeholder agencies in the community

  • to describe the MST therapists’ role in continuous quality improvement

  • to provide therapists with opportunities to practice using MST assessment strategies and interventions

The training will take place at NUBU, Essendropsgate 3, Majorstuen, Oslo if the Covid-19 situation gives us the opportunity - otherwise there will be a 5-Day Virtual Training

For registration - press here


For further information contact Nina Tollefsen

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